Muscle Spasms & Cramp

Chiropractic treatment can reduce the severity and frequency of the spasms and cramps muscles experience when they are not functioning correctly. Cramp or muscle spasm is an involuntary, sudden, severe contraction of a muscle, it can happen to any muscle of the body and can last from seconds to minutes or even weeks dependant on the cause of the spasm. The symptoms of a muscle cramp are extreme pain and discomfort and extreme tightness in the affected muscle.

The feeling of needing to stretch or massage muscles that are cramping indicates there is an underlying cause. Dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, nerve dysfunction and tired over used muscles are common causes of cramps.

There are other causes of muscle spasm such as side effects of medications or medical and neurological conditions.

Chiropractic treatment relieves pressure off nerves and muscles, relieving this pressure helps to reduce the likelihood of involuntary contraction. Massage therapy can help to release any tenderness and inflammation in the muscles. Changes to your diet and hydration levels can help to restore the balance in your body.

Goals of Chiropractic Care The main goals of chiropractic care in the treatment of muscle spasms and cramps include:

  • Reduce pain
  • Release muscle tension
  • Stimulate nerves