Chiropractic Care Onsite at Work

Mobile chiropractic service in your office environment.  Having access to an onsite Chiropractor can have a positive outcome both for the employee and the employer. 

The Business Clinic is easily set up in a small area that offers privacy to the person receiving treatment, this onsite clinic provides minimal disruption to the working day as there is no travel time.

Musculoskeletal complaints are the second largest cause days off due to ill health. In 2016 22.4% of the working days lost were due to musculoskeletal problems totalling 30.8million days. it is estimated that a third of the adult population suffer back pain each month.?

Ergonomic assessment of each employees desk can also be undertaken to ensure that it is set up in the manner that best suits them and any conditions they may have to boost recovery times.

Arrange a chiropractic clinic for your staff

Everything that is required for the sessions will be brought on the day, it takes 5 - 10 minutes to set up the clinic including the treatment bench. Appointment length can either be 20 or 30 minutes per person. I offer a 3 hour clinic, a half day clinic (4.5hours)  or a full day clinic (8 hours).