Free Spine Check

A 15 minute consultation is offered to you at completely Free of Charge for you to discuss your symptoms and see what Chiropractic treatment can do to benefit you. These sessions are available at the Chiropractic Clinic in Warndon Villages, Worcester. They are an opportunity for you to find out the benefits of Chiropractic treatment in a cost free way. 

Majority of musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from Chiropractic treatment, Chiropractors are known for treating conditions of the spine such as neck pain and back pain. Chiropractic treatment uses hands on adjustments to specific joints that are not functioning to their optimum. These adjustments relieve pressure on the vital structures that are the basis of every joint such as the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Once this impingement has been removed the body begins to heal itself.

Do you experience symptoms that you feel may benefit from Chiropractic treatment but are unsure what Chiropractic treatment entails?

Have you got a niggly back pain that is just not going away by itself?

Have you experienced a severe accident in the past and are now starting to experience pain?

These are all conditions that Chiropractic can help. To find out more about how your complaint can be treated book your FREE Spine check session today.